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about us -
Mission Statement:
Selecting one or the many good photo(s) you’ve produced and market them for a very affordable price to a broad clientele is our goal.

Each image is selected with the competence and knowledge of Creative Director and Fine Art Gallery Owner Rolf Goellnitz and his partner(s), competent experts recruited from Museums or the Visual Communication Business.
The Good PhotoÈ is open to work with any photographer, amateur or professional, who fulfills the selection criteria, business terms and conditions of The Good PhotoÈ.

The Good PhotoÈ is your competent and attractive source to buy original Photographs for a very reasonable price. Each Photograph is sold for a price between $9.99 and $999.00. The price does not include framing, matting, shipping, sales tax and insurance!

The Good PhotoÈ:

  • - Is offering a virtual platform under
    - Is organizing Photo Exhibitions and Photo Events Workshops and competitions
    - Is doing research on photography sources and any photo or photo history related issue
    Is cooperating with photographers around the world
    - Is managing photography related services like:printing, matting and framing
    - Is consulting how to present, display and hang photographs
    - Is consulting how to establish a collection
    - Is organizing and presenting “The Good Photo” Award (starting 2009)
    - Is publishing Photo books, DVDs, Catalogs and Editions (Starting 2009)

About Rolf Goellnitz (Founder)
Born in Germany, Rolf Goellnitz is presently living in California.
He has been working internationally for almost 20 years as a Creative Director (Art), developing successful campaigns. His work gained him numerous National and International Awards. He is the founder and owner of the OMC Gallery for Contemporary Art, which focuses on International Photography and he has curated nearly 50 exhibitions since 1999.

Intrigued by the statement of world renown artist Joseph Beuys “ Each Human is an Artist” and due to his true belief that there are thousands of photos made every year, which are good photos, he developed the idea to establish a platform, which contributes to that aspect.

About Dominic Moschetti (Co-Founder)
Born in Newark New Jersey, by way of Philadelphia, Colorado and presently living in California. Dominic's educational concentration has always been in the arts of painting and photography. Never really finding his way through traditional schooling, he found his teacher: the real world.

In 1995 that real world teacher took him to Europe to study the art on the walls of the Louvre, Musée d' Orsay and the Prado. Then to Columbia, South America, it was along these travels his sense of style, design, color, composition, humanity and self were further developed.

Currently working as freelance art director and owner VIDA Marketing Communications.

“ In life…don't take pictures...make them...find the humanity in your subject.”
A tip for life: find someone who is supportive and encouraging as you pursue your artistic endeavors.


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