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Submission Guide Lines and Agreement (The Good Photo™ web site)

First, many thanks for considering to submit!
Beside cooperating with photographers approached and chosen by OMC Communication LLC, The Good Photo™, OMC Communication LLC also encourages anybody, who thinks he /she took a good photo to submit it to OMC Communication LLC, The Good Photo™.

You may send us quarterly: 1 (one) Submission
(Closing dates: March 31, June 30, September 30 and December 31).
A submission is 1 of your good photos per category, but maximum a total of 5 good photos, covering 5 of the eight possible categories. Do NOT send more than 1 image per category!
Our expert(s) will jury all submissions; the jury decision is binding and can’t be challenged.

Your first submission (1-5 images) will cost $15. (Newcomer special)
Any further submissions in the future will cost $5 per submitted image and/or $22.50 for 5 images. You can submit your good photos either online and pay through paypal or send a CD-ROM/DVD and include a check, written to OMC Communication LLC. Do NOT send cash!

If accepted, the image(s) will be published, with an ID Number, on The Good Photo™ website in one of the 8 available categories for 15 to 20 days, the final decision is taken by OMC Communication LLC. You will receive a certificate and information pertaining to when your work will be published on our website.

OMC Communication releases on a regular basis information to; museums, collectors, agencies and other potential photo users/buyers, covering news/new images on The Good Photo™ website. Awareness is also created for the website and the published photographs through various “The Good Photo™” events.

Please provide us with the following information about you:

1. Year and place of birth
2. Gender
3. Full name (maiden name if appropriate)
4. Contact details (including email address)
...about your photographs:
1. Title
2. Date of origin
3. Photograph type
Category (see start page)
Price (see Price and Size Categories)
Guarantee that you own solely all the copyrights. If you are unsure whether additional third-party rights are needed for your use, you are responsible for consulting with competent rights management professionals or legal counsel.

You agree to indemnify and hold harmless OMC Communication LLC, The Good Photo™ and its Content sources, officers, directors, employees, contractors, subsidiaries, joint ventures, licensers and licensees against all claims (including, without limitation, claims by third parties), liability, damages (including punitive damages), judgments, settlements, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal fees and expenses, arising out of or related to (I) Your breach of any terms, conditions or restrictions of this Agreement, (II) Your use or modification of any Content, or combination of any Content, with any text or other content, (III) Your failure to obtain from third parties all permissions necessary to use the Content; and (IV) any act or failure to act by you or any of your employees, contractors, employers, agents, clients, principals, or users.

You guarantee that you solely hold all the copyrights of the submitted photograph and you agree that OMC Communication LLC uses your image in its The Good Photo™ advertising and marketing activities and to promote your work in context with OMC Communication LLC, The Good Photo™. With submitting your work you agree and guarantee, that OMC Communication LLC can sell your accepted work through The Good Photo™ for 1 year after first publishing, with an option for a second year and that you’ll provide the necessary data as a High Resolution Jpg. file (see technicalities).

Your images should be sent as RGB images using Adobe RGB 98 or SRGB profile. (CMYK files will not upload.)
The largest image dimension (width / height) should be 800 pixels with the other dimension proportional.
Save your images with a resolution 72 Dpi as flattened, 8 bit JPEG files (16 bit files will not upload.)
Use JPG compression quality of 8. (JPG level 8 compression will not affect image quality when viewed on a monitor.)

Further procedure:
We will notify you within 3 weeks after the quarterly closing date by email, whether your image(s) has qualified. For the image(s) chosen, OMC Communication LLC will request a High Resolution Jpg file (300 Dpi), which is in line with the proposed final Print Size and must be sent to us on a CD-ROM (Mac and PC compatible) at your expense. Further you agree to provide us with self adhesive label(s), bearing the relevant photo information and your signature, to be mounted on the backside of the print.

Please do not send us anything without our request in writing!
OMC Communication LLC will manage and supervise the print process and eventually handle the shipping to the buyer of the print.

Price Tags* Size and Price Categories:
Sale Prices for unmounted, not matted and unframed photos will be as follows:
P1 $9.99 - P2 $19.99 - P3 $39.99 - P4 $69.99 - P5 $99$ - P6 129.99 - P7 $179.99 -
P8 $249.99

For its services and online marketing activities OMC Communication LLC charges
a commission of the final selling price after deducting the production expenses (Print). The commission is 30% of the net selling price from $9.99 - $500.00
and 25% of the net selling price from $501.00 - $999.00

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